Hasse Persson, Artistic manager Hasselblad Center:







"Bo Mathisen´s Mayday is a raging clever picture story of the last decade's global conflicts.

From North Korean in the east to the Dominican Republic in the west through a torn Balkans, the photographer takes us on a journey that we really would rather avoid, but which nevertheless is real in our increasingly complex world. "



Hans-Olav Forsang, Picture Editor in VG:







"What is a good picture?

For me it is an image that grabs you and does something to you-something you can not remain indifferent to. Bo Mathisen's pictures are like that.

A combination of knowledge, ability to really see and experience, conveying the impressions with respect and compassion and through a unique understanding of photography's technical characteristics makes Bo Mathisen a special photographer. More than anything, he wants to reach us with their stories, get us to understand, tolerate and take a stance. "




Thorvald Stoltenberg, President of Norwegian

Red Cross:







"Mathisen's evocative, empathetic, and not least respectful images have a rare ability to convince us that it is true, and to prevent us from closing our eyes, and from tolerating so very well the injustice of the world. His work shows a clear commitment to provide the reality behind the cry for help, and to get us to hear them.



Morten Krogvold, Photographer:







"Bo Mathisen's book Mayday opens with a picture of a house, photographed in the former Yugoslavia.

A wonderful photograph that creates anticipation of what we will see in the following pages. And we will not be disappointed. With an intense presence Bo Mathisen portrays the horrors of war.

The images are poignant, shocking - but also beautiful. Bo Mathisen tells stories with his photos in an intriguing way, I do get a sense of hope because the photographer has sympathy with the people he photographs. His encounter with the subject brings us into the moment and we can almost feel the the smell of the people he portrays. An eagle's claw with an angel's wing.

Bo Mathisen´s photos are world class.

Is this big words? No - I do not think so. "



Guri Hjeltnes from VG reviews the book and gives it a: Read the rewiew here!

Ps! Its in Norwegian

Terje Kalheim and Jan Ø. Helgesen:

"In the book MAYDAY Bo has collected an unusually good selection of his best and most fascinating images. This is simply the world history of the past few decades, as seen through the camera lens.

In our opinion MAYDAY is unique book release. Norwegian- with high international the standard.

This year's Christmas present to all thinking, talented people. "


Stein Slettebak Wangen, Adresseavisen

-This is some of the best I've seen and I've seen a lot. The images are oozing of empathy.

They are also well-photographed, through exciting compositions and sensitive use of greyscales, conveyed the grotesque reality of the lives of people in need in a direct and honest manner.

One becomes wiser after reading Mayday.


Harald Flor, Book reviewer in Dagbladet:

"Mathisen has mastered the human approach in meetings with victims of war and conflict. With a passionate eye for the vulnerable in a situation he is also able to meet the other's gaze."


Peter from Västerås (Bookbinders):

What a fantastic book!

I can tell you that the work on your book goes great.

I work in the bookbinding department of Vasterås, that will ensure that your images end up in well-made hard- cove.

There are many here who have seen your pictures...and been affected!

I have worked with folding the printed sheets.

The first picture I saw was the boy in hospital bed from Banja Luuka. The boy with tuberculosis and the toy gun in his hand ... and the teddy bear in bed ...

Very heavy heart when I saw that picture.

But your pictures also gives strength... When you see them you know immediately what to fight for:

The small, fragile, innocent, soft and defenceless ...

Got a haiku poem by a good friend on the day I got in touch with your images.

She wrote:

Your pictures do not show the "contented children".. but the heart is still formulating it ... and what is worth fighting for. Thanks for that!

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