360° virtual tours

Interactive 360° pictures are great for your website or tablet! Within the panorama you can look around in all directions- including all the way up or down. Multiple 360° panoramas can be combined into a virtual tour, where within one panorama, you can click to the next. In this way one can show several rooms in one tour. Music, video and maps can be added to virtual tours.


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This is an example of a virtual tour, where one can move from one panorama (room) to the next. Here you can move to a balcony view by clicking the blue dot outside.


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To view on IPad/ IPhone/ android, click here










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Hans C. Gjeflesvei 10 C, 1182 OSLO, NORWAY




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Bo Mathisen

+47 975 00 046

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+47 941 07 063

Jeanette Plesner

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