Above is a 2 minutes showreel-film, where you can see examples of photos and videos shot by Bo Mathisen. For more examples of different types of productions, see the special pages below, and through “photo”, “film” and "news" in the menu-bar above.

We create photography that stands out within the fields of corporate, advertising, portraiture and editorial.  Mathisen´s understanding of light, mood and technique have led him to be one of the most awarded photographers in Norway.

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A good film will be remembered by the viewer and leave a positive impression of a modern company,

and it can also motivate and ignite a sense of pride in the company’s employees.

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Photos from our archive, or photos shot especially for clients. Companies may get unique pictures that are relevant to the firm, which strengthens the company image and displays professionalism.


Drone photo and film

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Contact Information

Bo Mathisen


+47 975 00 046

Kristoffer Hartmark


 +47 908 30 227

Tommy Strømmen


+47 941 07 063

Jeanette Plesner


+47 900 16 587


(+47) 22 67 19 90 /(+47)  975 00 046


Hans C. Gjeflesvei 10 C, 1182 OSLO, NORWAY



Org nr: 981 597 362 MVA

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